"Best Reptile Store In Hamilton Ohio"

At The Reptile Pit we strive to provide the best service and highest quality reptiles available. From enclosures, hides, heating, and even the animals themselves, we are your one stop shop for all your reptile needs!

We Carry:


Dubia Roaches



Live & Frozen Mice (All sizes)

Live & Frozen Rats (All Sizes)

Hornworms (Limited Quantities)

Waxworms (Limited Quantities)

Red Worms (Limited Quantities)

Black Soldier Fly Larva (Limited Quantities)

Isopods (Limited Quantities)

Our Services:

Reptile Rescue

Nail Clipping

Snake Sexing

Leopard Gecko Sexing

Bearded Dragon Sexing

& More!

Reptile Still

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Monday  11AM – 7PM

Tuesday  11AM – 7PM

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